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Exams & Certification

How to take the exams and join the register

If you are a therapist who uses PSTECTM then Tim Phizackerley Creator of PSTECTM & Andy Eckley Register Director are pleased to invite you to join our register of certified members. 

Step 1, Take the exams below
Step 2, Join the register 

We strongly recommend that you pass at least the Level 1 exam and preferably both exams before joining the register.

When you are ready to take the online exams click on the blue "click here" buttons below.

PSTECTM Level 1 (Practitioner)

This first exam requires a depth of knowledge of the foundations of PSTECTM the exams consist of multiple choice questions based on the Level 1 audio tutorials. Passing this exam will require study and thought about the appropriate answers.

All the exams are designed to help you become more confident in answering clients questions and will enable all PSTECTM trained therapists throughout the World to be consistent in their practice. They are also fun to do so don't be scared, see how much you really know about PSTECTM

Level 1 Exam $33.97 USD

PSTECTM Level 1-Adv (Advanced Practitioner)

You will be required to have passed the level 1 practitioner exam and paid both exam fees before attempting this test. Again these questions are based on the audio tutorials included in the Level 1-Adv click track downloads, as this is an advanced exam the questions are quite different than the Level 1 and when you pass you can confident that you have advanced knowledge in the workings of PSTECTM

Level 1-Adv Exam $35.97

There is no formal exam for the PSTECTM Master level as this is a status awarded by Tim Phizackerley (Creator PSTECTM) to a Level 1-Advanced practitioner who has shown exceptional mastery of the technique.

You may take the exams up to 6 times before you forfeit the right to pass the exam so please listen carefully to the tutorials this encourages study of the audio's and hones your PSTECTM skills at the same time giving you a worthwhile certification.

After you have passed each exam you will be sent an official signed PSTECTM certificate, you will also be eligible to upgrade your register details for FREE.