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Print Posted on 10/25/2017 in Category 1

What to do with difficult emotions

I'm about to suggest something crazy...

I find that anxiety, depression and emotional triggers tend to stem from pushing down our fear and pain. 

We will do almost anything not to have to feel such awfulness. Most anxiety attacks are a direct result of resistance to our current feelings.

It usually looks like this:

A negative emotion crops up.

We freak out and don’t want it there.

We stuff it down with food, shopping, sex, distractions...

Repeat several times.

Too many negative emotions have gone ignored for too long

They all show up and once.


Anxiety attack. (or other emotional overwhelm)

It has a lot to do with not allowing our feelings to be felt. We get entrained in our culture that we shouldn’t feel those feelings. We are so used to tamping them down we can’t even imagine how awful it would be to just feel them. So we don’t- until it builds up and we can’t ignore it any more.

I’d like to offer an alternative. Next time something bothers you, feel where it hits you physically in your body.

Let go of any thoughts about what led to it. Let go of any judgement toward the feeling. Just feel it in your body.

Sit quietly and observe the discomfort. Be present with it. Let the feeling have its way with you.

I don’t want to spoil it, by telling you what your experience with this will be, but rest assured, it won’t be nearly as awful as you’ve been anticipating.

It is our perception that gives thoughts and feelings power. It is our resistance to them that gives them their staying power.

What you resist persists. 

Here is a free guided meditation to walk you through it: Click Here

This exercise is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to put an end to those triggers for good, that’s what I do. Let’s work together to convince your subconscious mind that everything that triggers you is no longer a threat...including stress, panic and anxiety.

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