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Print Posted on 10/11/2017 in Category 1

It's time to step into your power

It's time to step into your power

I have a process I like to use when I am feeling like I'm out of my power, have forgotten who I AM or just need an upgrade.

If you'd like to do the guided meditation version of it, click here.

Or you can do these steps on your own.

-Go into meditation (a relaxed state), ground yourself and call in your divine team.

-Stand up and imagine a pillar of light in front of you, which represents your power, abilities, confidence, soul's purpose...whatever you'd like to infuse yourself with.

-Step into it as you state "I am stepping into my power."

-Merge with the energy- let it infuse your every cell, breathe it in.

-Feel yourself as more powerful, remaining in this state for at least two minutes

-Ground again, give thanks & see what comes.

The first time I did this, I got some pretty intense guidance afterward. Let me know what you experience!

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