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Print Posted on 10/06/2017 in Category 1

Forgiveness. Really?

Forgiveness. Really?

For most, forgiveness is easier said than done.

Many religions and philosophies extol the virtues of forgiveness, but as a culture I’m not sure we really get it.

My favorite perspective on forgiveness comes from Buddhism, where forgiveness is recognized as a way to find peace for ourselves rather than being about letting others off the hook.

I'm not talking about walking up to someone and saying "I forgive you." I'm talking about letting it go within yourself so you can be free of the negative feelings and thoughts related to the events.

Letting go of hurtful and damaging things, regardless of who caused them is healing for us.

I cover the various reasons that forgiveness is important in my book Essence, if you’d like to learn more. But most importantly, when we hold on to old hurts, we continue re-wounding ourselves, often worse than anyone else ever could. Over time this can lead to physical illness in our own body.

When we hold on to emotions, either by suppressing them or by replaying them, they can and will cause disease within the body.

There is a saying that holding onto anger is like pouring someone else a cup of poison, then drinking it ourselves.

The problem with forgiveness can be that we outwardly say or think we have forgiven someone but really, we’re just suppressing our painful emotions.

Trying to let go of anger is a huge step in the right direction but I find that it’s almost impossible to get rid of all of it unless you address it on a deeper level- more specifically at the subconscious level.

PSTEC and I can help you let go of old hurts and anger in as few as 11 minutes.

Imagine being emotionally free, relaxed and light. It IS possible.

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